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Our Mission

To elevate your business performance through strategic data management. Achieving seamless project execution and cost savings through robust governance practices. And, delivering comprehensive training solutions that meets your business needs.

Our Values

Professionalism; Respect; Excellence; Integrity; and Adaptability


Established in 2013, McCune Management Services Limited (MCMS) is an independently owned, female-led, business operating in the business and professional services sector. MCMS provides an extensive array of services to assist our clients in tackling their foremost business challenges and capitalising on emerging opportunities.

Our specialised technical and professional service line extends across the following range of offerings:

  • Data management & support
  • Project management & support
  • Security design and auditing
  • Supply chain management
  • Finance & compliance services
  • Training & development, and 
  • Vendor Management
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MCMS can offer bespoke management solutions for a diverse client base, from short-term initiatives to overseeing vast large-scale programmes.

Our customer-centric approach fosters strong relationships, allowing us to adapt and deliver excellence at highly competitive prices.

It is this commitment to adaptability and flexibility that positions us as leaders in designing and implementing comprehensive services.


MCMS provides an range of services to empower clients in addressing their most pressing business challenges and opportunities.

We are committed to expanding and refining our service portfolio, ensuring a comprehensive solution to meet the changing needs of our valued clients.

We Are Client-Centric

At the heart of our business is our client-centric ethos. Our clients benefit  from personalised interactions, tailored solutions, exceptional experiences and a strong sense of partnership.

We Are Agile

Flexible and adaptable, we design and implement management solutions for a diverse client base, from single short-term undertakings  to large-scale international projects.

We Have A Focused Team

Our clients benefit from a close rapport with MCMS Management, improving communication and further enabling timely pivoting on services or deliverables as required.

We Are Highly Experienced

Unlike companies of comparable size, our edge lies in our extensive experience working alongside a Fortune 10 global tech company.

This exposure gives MCMS a unique perspective and a commitment to delivering exceptional quality and performance across all our endeavors.


At MCMS, we firmly believe that it's the people who make a company great! Our strength lies not just in our innovative business solutions, but in the collective expertise and passion of our dedicated team.

Joanne McCune

Joanne McCune

Managing Director

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Gillian Pritchard

Gillian Pritchard

Creative Director

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Kelvin Rickersey

Kelvin Rickersey

General Manager

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Aaron McNeill

Aaron McNeill

Business Development Manager

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